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The show he presents is number one in the city

Radio is great, please play me I'm pretty.

Alex is bootylicous. FACT.
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Alex. 23. Studying for an MA.

I've had LJ since I was 14 and I just update now and then with personal stuff for nostalgia's sake. It's not that interesting.

30 rock, 7" vinyl, adam & joe, adam ant, albi the racist dragon, alex james, american psycho, arrested development, art history, baileys, barcelona, battle royale, beastie boys, beck, being a literature nerd, being john malkovich, belle & sebastian, bill murray, billy corgan, billy-corgan-octopus-creature-that-wees-on-you, bjórk, blackadder, blur, bret easton ellis, britpop, buffy the vampire slayer, charlie kaufman, christian bale, christopher walken, curb your enthusiasm, david bowie, devo, dinosaur comics, douglas coupland, dr who, eels, elastica, elliott smith, fight club, firefly, flight of the conchords, frank iero, futurama, gaudi, george orwell, ghostbusters, graham coxon, hammers & cycles, handclaps, hans landa, heat magazine, hole, hot chip, inglourious basterds, iris murdoch, james dean "motherfucking" squidfield, jarvis cocker, jeff buckley, jewish justin, jimmy mcnulty, joe cornish, joni mitchell, joy division, karen o, kate bush, kate jackson, kevin spacey, kicking-it-at-the-university, kim gordon, la roja, leicester, leopard print, lolz, long essays, lou reed, m.i.a., madrid, malibu and coke, manic street preachers, mark oliver everett, martin hannett, mindless self indulgence, mistaking soil for bread, monty python, morrissey, my chemical romance, n64, nadal, new york, nicky wire, nintendo, of montreal, oscar wilde, patrick wolf, pixies, pj harvey, podcasts, pokemon, popjustice, prince, pulp, quiche, radiohead, reeves & mortimer, regina spektor, repo the genetic opera, richey james edwards, roger federer, ronch, samuel taylor coleridge, shaun of the dead, shooting stars, simon pegg, smashing pumpkins, sonic youth, spaced, stephen!, suede, sylvia plath, taviarse, teen wolf, teen wolf too, teh hokey boble, the 90s, the arcade fire, the beatles, the devil's whore, the dresden dolls, the flaming lips, the go! team, the hot puppies, the long blondes, the pipettes, the smiths, the stone roses, the truman show, the velvet underground, the white stripes, the wire, thom yorke, tom waits, tony wilson, tori amos, twee, vinyl, watchmen, weezer, you're-tearing-me-apart-lisa, zoidberg